Proxy Finder Enterprise

Proxy Finder Enterprise 3.4

Find and leech any proxy servers online
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Generate a custom proxy list for leeching. Start the automated search process and generate a database of HTTP proxy addresses. Refresh the current list to get the updated protocols and algorithms along with new unused addresses. Connect to publishing resources to get proxy data.

Proxy Finder Enterprise- automatically search & leech proxies servers from internet, which offers often updated HTTP proxy list. In 2 minutes, it will get 10000 fresh proxy servers.
Main features:
- Intelligent and Automatic - It just connects to hundreds of internet forums and web sites that publish free public proxy lists daily, then picks up proxies automatically.
- Search Very Fast - Just in 2 minutes, it will give you 10000 public HTTP proxies. No any duplicate.
- Fresh - All the fresh proxy lists that be updated very often, most be updated every day even every minute
- Easy - Very easy to use. Just need to click one "Find" button.
- Filter - Automatically remove gov, military & planetlab IP.
- Random Order - All the proxies addresses will be displayed in random order.

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